Septiembre 22, 2023

Award of FONDECYT Regular 1210208 -2021

AwardFONDECYT 1210208 -2021

Award FONDECYT 1210208 -2021

Project Title: Application of Model Predictive Control in Power Converters Control

Techniques in power electronics applications have evolved to meet most demanding control goals. With the development of very powerful and fast microprocessors, it is possible to develop more intelligent control algorithms. In this sense, Model Predictive Control (MPC) appears as a competitive new technique in relation to linear control and Pulse Width Modulation, for the control of power converters.
This project will apply Model Predictive Control to power converters control in electromobility applications, which is relevant to the industry, as well as to the use of electrical energy. To meet with this purpose, three main subjects are defined, where the common denominator is the application of MPC in different power architectures, such as multilevel inverters, electrical drives, and DC-DC converters.