• José Rodríguez is an Associate Researcher of the Basal Center AC3E (Advanced Center for Electrical and Electronic Engineering), Federico Santa Maria Technical University (2014-2020).
  • José Rodríguez is a Co-Researcher in the Anillo project “Cyber-physical Systems for Smart Mining: Industrial Electronics 4.0 and Data Driven Process Control”, project code ACT192013 of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (2019-2021).
  • José Rodríguez is the Head Researcher of the Regular Fondecyt Project 1170167: “Predictive Control for Energy Transformation with Multilevel Converters” (2017-2020)
  • Freddy Flores is an Adjunct Researcher in the FONDAP project “Solar Energy Research Center (SERC) Chile”.
  • Freddy Flores is an Adjunct Researcher in the CORFO Project “AtaMoS-TEC: Programa de investigación y desarrollo de tecnologías fotovoltaicas de alta radiación y clima desértico”.